Greg Gillotti - Photo by Tim Israel


My name is Greg Gillotti, and I’ve been doing improv in Pittsburgh since 2006. Pittsburgh has been very lucky. It’s had a comedy scene that’s included improvisational theater since the 1980s, and in the last 6 years has really exploded in scope, breadth, and quality of work. Where once we had a population of a handful of actors and enthusiasts we now have multiple training centers, many independent stages, and a vibrant community of performers, writers, technicians, and producers.

This site is a little comedy sherpa for those who find themselves interested in getting involved in the scene, whether by seeing shows, jumping into a jam, taking some classes, or bringing a show to the stage.

This site is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it’s a good entry point and on-going resource.

I hope it’s helpful.

Let’s all continue making Pittsburgh a city of great art.

Greg Gillotti
improvgreg @ gmail.com